Spring MVC and WebFlow – Released!

Well, it took a while but I’m relieved that the course is now out. Full details available at the virtualpairprogrammers.com site

And you can preview the opening chapter over at YouTube

I’ll be uploading some more previews of the more interesting chapters later this week, and for those of you needing the DVD edition, it will be available on Amazon as soon as we get the stock to them.

One of the reasons for the delay was the sheer amount of information in Spring-MVC. Despite a long running time (8 hours), there are still one or two topics that I wish had made the final cut, so keep an eye out for a few blog posts over the next few weeks that will fill in some gaps.

Another reason was the last minute decision to add WebFlow – I’m very glad I did this because although I love WebFlow, there’s not that much out there to help beginners.

I hope you like the course!