All Things Java Podcast 15 (plus a new course)

I don’t want the blog to be just “look at me! I’ve got a new course!!” – but the problem is when I’m writing a course, 100% of my attention is on that course. For the last one, I spent more hours than I dare admit trying to work out the implementation of HashAggegration in Apache Spark. While I’m doing that, I can’t think about anything else (too much info warning: look away now: even basic operations such as eating, cleaning and basic hygiene go out of the window. Weep not for my sacrifices to the community, and buy buy buy!)

So instead of just shoving up a “new course announcement!” I’ll lead this blog post by announcing I got together with Matt for an off the cuff podcast, and it’s just released here:

Sales spiel : we’re talking a lot on that podcast about the latest release (Apache Spark). You can get it here for (as far as I now, Udemy have odd sales) the lowest possible price:

The podcast is an odd beast, we called it “All Things Java” but it’s a misnomer. Actually the design of the podcast is that it’s supposed to be the Virtual Pair Programmers team meeting – ie something we would have to do anyway – and we release it with the minimum of editing. Maybe if we mention any specific financials we might edit that out. Otherwise, it’s warts and all. We don’t pretend to be on top of the latest developments in Java, we don’t pretend to be master business people.

So I feel that the podcast might disappoint those wanting a pure Java podcast (I really miss the old “Java Posse” podcast, we certainly couldn’t replicate what they did), but I hope it might be of interest to anyone with an interest in Java (natch), but also business, content creation and the general problems of trying to be successful in software. Maybe we’ll rename it one day, if we can be bothered.