Hello, is this thing on?

A year’s gap from blogging – bad Richard.

Blogging sort of tailed off, partly as a result of the ancient and depressing blog platform I was using (every post needed the editing of raw 1990’s style html – <hr> tags anyone?) but also due to a lot of activity and general busy-ness at VirtualPairProgrammers.

In the last year I’ve released courses on:

Plus as a substitute for blogging, I’ve been a regular guest on the All things Java Podcast which was fun but apparantly no-one listens to it. [Edit: the podcasts will continue and I hope I’ll still be a guest on them, but I want to remind myself that blogging is just as if not more important than podcasts]. So it’s back to blogging and more new courses are in the pipeline.

6 thoughts on “Hello, is this thing on?”

  1. For what it’s worth, I accidentally discovered your podcast about a month ago, and enjoyed listening to all the episodes, and found them helpful. (I had not heard of Virtual Pair Programmers before).

    1. Hi David, thanks for those kind words. I’ll still be on the podcast I hope, just need to be mindful that blogging is just as important as it ever was!

  2. Sorry to hear you won’t be continuing with the podcasts. I only recently started listening on my hour plus commute home from work. I really enjoyed the discussions with you and Matt and even listened to several of them more than once. I have also enjoyed all of the VPP courses I have taken. Best way I have found by far to get up to speed quickly on a topic. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Scott, as far as I know I’ll still be on the podcasts but I know there are a lot of other guests who will be appearing also. The post was just a bit of a self-kick up the backside to keep blogging! Thanks for the kind words!

    1. Hi Mark, just tounge-in-cheek – I could have done three separate courses and then bragged about my much higher productivity! In seriousness that course is too long and difficult – I made it too much like work so you might as well be actually at work when you’re doing the hard practicals – still a valuable course but a lesson to me that bite size chunks are easier.

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